This fall the Regional District of Nanaimo and its municipal partners are bringing green bin food and kitchen waste collection to single family homes in the region.
All information on residential food waste collection in communities throughout the Regional District of Nanaimo is now available at our Green Bin Program website,
Residential Food Waste Collection Pilot Project
RDN Residential Food Waste Collection Pilot Project Welcome to the
Regional District of Nanaimo
Residential Food Waste
Collection Pilot Project

Food waste and other compostable organics comprise up to half the household garbage generated in the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN). The RDN has adopted a Zero Waste plan to eliminate garbage, reduce greenhouse gases and create a more sustainable region. The goal is to divert 75% of the region's waste from the Regional Landfill by 2010. Turning compostable organics from waste into a resource is a key step in reaching this important milestone.

In June 2005, the RDN banned commercial food waste from the landfill. Restaurants, grocery stores and other businesses now divert almost 500 tonnes of commercial food waste per month to International Composting Corporation, the region's only licensed composting facility. Householders on selected routes in the region are now building on that success by participating in the residential food waste collection.

A pilot project to study the merits of food waste collection was coordinated by the RDN, in partnership with the City of Nanaimo, the Town of Qualicum Beach, Waste Services Inc. and International Composting Corporation. It included 2,000 rural, urban and suburban households on three routes in Cedar (Route 52), Nanaimo (Route E-3), and Qualicum Beach (Chartwell). The Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Green Municipal Fund contributed up to half the cost of the pilot project. The RDN provided matching funds.

The pilot project ran for 12 months between October 2007 and October 2008. At the end of that period the Regional Board and municipal councils of the City of Nanaimo and Town of Qualicum Beach directed staff to continue with the program. The Regional Board also directed staff to include food waste collection for all of its garbage and recycling customers in the next collection contract. The process to award that contract will be complete in 2009 and staff expects the new contracted collection system will be implemented to all Regional District customers in 2010.

The benefits of your participation in food waste collection include:

  • Turning waste into a resource by providing valuable feedstock for the region's only licensed composting facility;
  • Extending the life of the region's only landfill and reducing greenhouse gases and leachate caused by decomposing organic landfill waste;
  • Determining the feasibility of using a single truck with two compartments to collect garbage and food waste;
  • Reducing waste you take to the curb by up to half and enabling a garbage collection service of one standard-size container collected once every two weeks;
  • Helping staff to design an effective and efficient residential program.
Quick Info For Pilot Project Participants
Town of Qualicum Beach (Chartwell) Who to contact:
Town of Qualicum Beach
Ph. (250) 752-6921
City of Nanaimo (Route E-3) Who to contact:
City of Nanaimo Public Works
Ph. (250) 758-5222
Cedar (Route 52) Who to contact:
Waste Services Inc.
Ph. 1-866-999-8227
GENERAL INQUIRIES Acceptable Materials, Preparation, Lost or Stolen Containers
RDN Environmental Services
6300 Hammond Bay Rd., Nanaimo, BC V9T 6N2
Ph. 250-390-6560 (Cedar/Nanaimo area)
Ph. 250-954-3792 (Parksville-Qualicum area)
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